Sith are superior. I feel arrogant just writing such words, but it’s true. Think about it, why are we Sith? Because we want knowledge, we seek wisdom and enlightenment, we ARE spiritually superior. We want physical strength and health, in this, we are superior. We desire knowledge for intelligence and intellect, in this, we are superior. We seek to improve these and many more aspects of ourselves because we are superior. The average human is content to sit and watch T.V., rotting away or becoming the mask they’ve created for their aquaintances to see, but Sith have depth to their personality, Sith understand, comprehend, emotions, and the way another persons mind works. We are complex while average people are simple, easy to grasp/understand/comprehend, and boring. Power is the result of what we, as Sith, seek, and power is a necessity at minimum or a luxury at best. Sith should not seek dominance of others, at least not when they begin to walk the Dark path, this form of power, as I’ve said before, is very unstable and unreliable.Many Sith, including myself, are very negative, but negativity, as I’ve also said before, can have either a positive or negative outcome. The situations we come across in life can be dismantled, examined, and the outcome calculated accordingly. Echos within the Force are what I speak of and Sith should at least attempt to master such a thing as it is a powerful tool.

When should passion be used? That is really for each individual to decide, but an example can be helpful. As I’ve learned, many Sith act on impulse/intuition, they seem to live by the Living Force; this has become true for myself as well. What would a Sith do should a “rival” throw, say a small object at the said Sith? I would certainly become angry, but a key to using emotion is to calmly embrace them; for this situation, the mentioned method would help most. You must have the power of anger to back your conviction, but must also remain calm and in control. This is necessary if you wish to retain clear an proper thinking. This technique also helps to shatter an opponents confidence should you maintain a calm demeanor in which case the persons fear can be easily stimulated. Say as little as needed to warn that words don’t matter as much as action. The enemy will be forced to leave or act at this point. Should he/she choose to act, you will have the aid of anger as a controlled tool, your adversary will have little chance of defeating you with such odds. It is vital that, should anyone attempt to provoke you, you have, at minimum, a calm exterior. Power is a useful asset to anyone, but Sith thrive on it. If you gain power, are goals not easier to obtain, is your reputation not often improved upon? And to gain power, we must further ourselves in various ways which all results in a positive for Sith.

-Darth Draconis

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