XIII. Guidance as an Effective Alternative to Submission

Emotions. To control them efficiently you can’t try to clamp down on them, you can’t try to extinguish them; if you do, you will fail more often than not. You have to try to guide/direct them. Over exertion has often led to problems for me in attempting to control my emotions, as it may have already led you to. It’s difficult to describe, but what I do is I gently guide my emotions in the direction I want them to go. I first became familiar with the concept of guiding through my interests in meditation. I have within my possession a book containing various categories of meditation, different forms of it, and explanations of why they should work. One of these meditations involved gently guiding my train of thought in the direction I wanted. The meditation is basically contemplating on chosen thoughts, ideas, or whatever else you wish to contemplate, and in the instructions for use of this particular technique, the book stated that my thoughts would inevitably wander and get off track. I new this to be true because it had happened to me often, but my solution failed more than it succeeded. I applied to much effort into trying to control my thoughts, trying to forcefully shove stray thoughts aside and summon thoughts pertaining to the subject I wished to explore. As a result of my over exertion, I would exhaust my willl power and stop the meditation before I could begin to truly meditate. It got to be extremely irritating. It took me a while to see the parallels between my thoughts and my emotions, but the similarities are there. The book suggested that when my thoughts are derailed from the direction I want them to go in, I should simply accept that they are off track and bring my thoughts back to what I wish to contemplate. With emotions, there are still the occassions in which my anger becomes to strong for me to successfully guide, but success occurs far more than failure. When you become angry, I would suggest that you try to recognize and accept your anger, make youself aware of it as soon as you can, hopefully before it gains control. Try to calm yourself enough to think straight if you have to, but do not over exert yourself, don’t be afraid of failure. Trial and error is how we grow. If you have a physical activity that might be made easier by the physical strength you gain from your anger, let the anger help you. If you wish to leave it inside, unused for another time, do so(this might be a good idea if you can think of no where to currently direct your anger, though cultivating such an emotion is risky and may make you prone to outbursts and an overall lack of control). If there is any other productive activity you can think of, be aware that you have the option of channeling your anger into it.

Here I am speaking primarily of anger, but it has been my experience that this methodology is effective for any other emotion.

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