XI. On the Tradition of Apprenticeship

Some Sith focus on teachings that will help them only in matters of the mundane world, and others focus on the deeper, spiritual teachings, but both should be learned of extensively…what use is one without the other?

I have learned throughout my life that there are hidden secrets to be found, and they cannot be given, not by any mentor or friend, they must be gained by you for you.

That may cause some to question the purpose of a Master training an apprentice…but there is a simple explanation to justify the existence of this training system: A Master has learned secrets on his own, but his purpose is to provide his apprentice with foundations to build upon; and to help the apprentice understand things that he may not yet comprehend. Some of the things a Master teaches can be learned alone, without a Master; but with the aide of a mentor, an apprentice can gain knowledge more rapidly than he/she would as a solitary practitioner. Saying this makes it apparent that learning from a Master is an advantage and a luxury, but it is not required to be a Practitioner of the Sith Ways. The advantages are quite obvious…you form a bond of trust with a mentor, and this bond is difficult to break, even if you’ve never met face-to-face, so you can use your master for advice on matters you wouldn’t dare discuss with your closest friends or relatives; due to this bond, a Master and his/her apprentice become natural allies, the need to defend each others viewpoints may become something of an instinct. Some say that a Master passes on all he knows to his apprentice, and that his apprentice shares everything with his master…this isn’t entirely true though. Because of the individualistic nature of all Sith, each have their secrets, each have there prefered areas of study..they both continue to grow as Sith, but they grow differently from each other.

My point in telling you my perpective about this: An apprenticeship will likely be beneficial, but you can’t let the absence of a mentor hold you back. As you should well know about me after reading this much of my holocron, I believe self-reliance is an extremely important element of the Sith Ways; if you aren’t progressing as a Sith that is your own fault{even if you are apprenticed to someone of more experience). Something I think everyone should take to heart, “Results, not excuses.”

On a personal note, I had no Master for the first five years I was a Sith, and yet I am called a Sith Lord by some. Just something for you to ponder, should you cling to the notion that an apprenticeship is a necessity…

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  1. Hello, I would like to become a Sith but I have no master.

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