VIII. Boundage of the Spirit

Chains. To many to count…but as a Sith, the chains serve a purpose. They motivate us to become strong so that we may break them. I suppose the end goals are power, freedom, and an attempt to reach perfection. Power can be for its own sake, but it is also another means to another end. I would argue that without power, there is little chance of freedom. And without freedom, how can we work towards the unreachable goal of perfection. It seems that the end goals are interconnected, they rely on each other. If you possess power, you have a tool that can be used to obtain freedom. If you have freedom, you have a tool that can be used to obtain near-perfection. In obtaining these things, I have no doubt in my mind that they change us. Now the question is, will we change for better or for worse? Will we deteriorate or evolve? That is a choice I feel we all can and must make. It is the transformation spoken of in what most of us consider Sith Lore, they were the words of the fictional Sith Lord, Darth Revan. Some would argue that these things are not within our control, but I beg to differ. It’s all a matter of choice, if you say you cannot control such things, you are likely weak and/or ignorant. If you say you choose to surrender control to the Force, that is your choice, and you must be prepared to accept the consequences, be they costly or beneficial. If you say you can control things of this nature with minimal effort, be mindful and make sure your words are not born out of arrogance or over-confidence.

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