VII. On the Burden of Power

Power…one of the many things a Sith will crave and seek. I’ve said before that power is a necessity at the very least and a luxury at best, but this is true only for those who seek to be strong(or those who become strong as a side-effect of their beliefs{Jedi, for example})…Those who have no power of their own cannot hope to be superior to others, nor can one hope to protect those reagrded as weak without some measure of power; ironically, there are some who are inferior, but have more power than most other men/women.

There are numerous forms of power, far to many to name them all here, but I must address some of the most prominent types. Control over yourself provides power, you have less limits and more choices once a degree of self-mastery is obtained; once you obtain a high degree of control over yourself, you can move on to controlling others if you so wish. There is also physical power(and I don’t mean bulging, inflexible muscles), being physically powerful has nothing to do with body building either, to be powerful in this aspect you must improve upon your body’s flexibility, endurance, and strength. And again, by strength I do not mean “big”, soft muscles, I am talking about dense, hard, strong muscles. Useful, flexible muscles can be created by muscle toning; for some reason I don’t seem to comprehend though, exercises working towards this goal seem to be used mainly by women. Don’t disregard your bodies overall health either, some degree of proper nutrition can be extremely beneficial. Then there is the mental aspect of power, you can be intelligent and foolish, you can be wise and stupid, and you can even be stupid and foolish. For a Sith, intelligence, wisdom, and intellectual skills are important, I have an advantage in this area that a surprising number of people are lacking, I have a passion for reading and I enjoy figuring things out so I may come to understand them. There is also the emotional aspect to look at, I have a higher degree of control over my emotions than the average person does, and I also seek to understand them: why I have them, how they can be summoned at will, how they can be focused through sheer strength of will(which can be exhausting and is sometimes overkill/overexertion), etc. Emotions are usually deeply involved in another aspect where power may be gained: spirituality….

A Sith must bear power, but at great risk; power can be a burden, it pollunates the seeds of pride, and your pride can easily grow into a tree of arrogance and over-confidence…this is one of the greatest dangers for a Sith, this “tree” has consumed me before, as it does to all those ignorant enough to let it grow. The path of Darkness we walk is not a safe one, but there is no price to pay for being a Dark-Side Practitioner…only cause and effect. Being to weak to walk this path is a cause, its effect varies for each person, but the people seem to basically consume themselves if they are not strong enough, and they can potentially diminish themselves in every respect…

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  1. This is a good read I hope that you continue to write more of your teachings. I will definitely make others aware of them.

  2. Those who yearn will seek,
    Those who find will inherit,
    Those who overcome will teach…

    This last post was dated late January. To suggest this is the last post would be a shame. Inspiration to those who share knowledge, for this is my source of power…


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