IX. Of the Subordinate Mind and Body

I see my mind as a tool for my spirit, the mind retains knowledge, but it isn’t all we are. The body is another tool for our true selves to utilize. Thinking of your body -quite literally – as a tool, the idea of honing it, maintaining it, and modifying it to be better suited for whatever purpose you might have in mind is is more viable, perhaps even more attainable.

Through our bodies, subordinate tools can be used: hammers, pens, baseball bats, lawnmowers, etc. But the body alone can only do so much, it is limited to mundane activities, in large part. This is where the mind comes in: to read a book, you must use your eyes(a part of your body) to see the words, then you process the information within your mind. And like the body, the mind cannot operate alone. Male and Female, interdependent.

While my spirit inhabits my body and mind, it becomes dependent on both, but perhaps immortality as a ghost can be reached by removing the spirit’s reliance on the matter our physical selves are composed of. Just a thought, but who knows? Point being that there is a kind of hierarchy of body, mind, and soul. I see the spirit as most important, but cooperation among these three aspects of the Self is wise if any one is to be improved.

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