XXVIII. Darkness and the Individual

Darkness is Passion.
Darkness is Strength.
Darkness is Power.
Darkness is Victory.
Darkness is Freedom.

Verily, darkness is about the individual. It springs forth from within, blossoming into the work of an artist, a creator. Of course, for this to occur one must have become creator of his own world, become the artist that paints himself. Only on rare occasion does the death of a star turn out to be the birth of a galaxy; but when this act of will takes place within, it is tragic, exhilarating, painful.. but above all, it is beautiful.

Passion, in all of its manifestations, is passed through repetatively. The Sith that emerges has overcome something, and with scars to prove his victory. Perhaps that is how it often begins, an internal battle; surviving the fires of one’s own spirit, becoming harder, and eventually learning that even battles are not as straightforward as they seem. Whatever misconceptions are present in the begining simply do not matter; the feeling of triumph, the flicker of a sensation we learn to call freedom, these things replace contentment and complacency with hunger and ambition. In time, our naiveties fall away. I think it is our initial experiences with passion that acquaint us with strength. Growing stronger allows for greater exertion, pronounced influence… growing strong introduces us to power.

Power has been the ending for all to many, has even become despised by some because of its ability to blind, to devour the individual. But if you are consumed only with the pursuit of power, you were never truly strong. Power is a necessity to life, it is will to power that seems to underly all; I will not reject it, or deny this is a path to power because it is, that’s just not all it is. A significant piece of the puzzle to be sure, but not the whole picture. Victory, we arrive at this, at its real signifcance, only through power born of strength. Break enough chains, and maybe you’ll squirm free, but be sure of what your fighting for. Further, be mindful of what your breaking from.

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