XXVII. Reverberations of Power

Be aware that all you do, every small action you take, every decision you make, has echoes; cause and effect, for every action, there is a result, be it consequence or reward. If you set in motion events that will benefit you and can be manipulated to your advantage, do so. There are uses and harms of these echoes and if you can learn to use the reverberations I speak of, the possibilities are limiteless. However, I would advise the individual not to become absorbed in these; they are only the ripples of your exertion, your will to power, your passion. To say it bluntly they are oppurtunities and worth contemplation, thought, choice, and action; but not as the focus of your studies.

Let us first look to a metaphor explaining the dangers of absorbtion. First, the most obvious, is that you will likely reflect it outwards, inadvertently making it known that you are manipulative. Really, the danger is of putting to much effort into manipulating. We all do this to a degree, but what I am saying is that becoming enamored with it, making it a centrality of your life is likely folly. Be mindful – aware – of the ripples, and the waves; but try not to be swept up in them.

As to my mention of exertion, is that not what power is, being attempting to exert itself, to influence? And really – though this should already be a given if you tread a dark path – while I gave voice to these reverberation to be found externally, what’s more important are those found within. Again, I feel it necessary to reiterate that the individual should not allow himself to be swept up or overcome by them; to go further, to go within it would be more prudent to study the origin of these rather than the thing in itself. Permit me an example: you get hit in the face, and feel fear; move, swing blindly; you hit the mark and feel good, gratified, and perhaps still angry. Fear came first in this instance, it came from danger, a threat; or to be more precise your perception of a threat. But then there is the matter of fear, and indeed other emotions, as the origin of you chosen action. You were harmed, felt fear and as a result of the fear swung back moving away from the next blows. The fear itself was an exertion, and also the reason behind a physical exertion. Moving away while hurting the threat was an act of will, imposition of it – or at least the attempt to impose it. There is no grandiose secret I offer here, merely the recommendation to be aware of why you feel things, of why you act on those feeling, of who is in control, and a whole list of other questions along the same line of thought.

Power would seem to originate, at least in some sense, as a ripple of strong willed individuals. Strength of will, power as a form of measurement, a way of seeing how strong the will is.

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