XXVI. The Darkness of Emotion

I’ve seen the question of love arise repeatedly within the Sith community; with those I’ve called contemporaries, those more evolved, and those perhaps lesser than me. My response to the question of love five years ago would’ve been avoidance. Now? These days I would tell you this: I was a fool back then. Where my feet are placed in these times, I think of where they once were, of how different this same terrain seems to me through slightly older eyes. Do you understand?

The light seems to favor certain emotions, love often being among them. But how is it any brighter than an inferno of hate? These emotions, hate and love, can help me to illustrate that all emotions are dark.

Hate as dark? Sure, why not. Most people would agree, but their concurrence would likely be founded on nothing but ignorance. Hate can be harmful, it can be destructive, could even be a time bomb. The first explanation of hate as dark: those associations most often acknowledged – the ones I just mentioned – are condemned as ‘negative’. My response: the idea of segregating emotions as ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ is a falsity; a being of the dark should recognize such and ought to be able to discern that its value, the benefits of hate, lies in the dark, hidden where only a few go looking.

And with this I will show you that there is nothing that makes love any lighter than hate. Let me tell you what makes all emotion dark, utilizing love as an example. Here we have an emotion categorized as light in the minds of many, but here again the classification is accomplished only through the most commonly acknowledged aspects. But love hurts, it causes pain and conflict just as much, if not more so than hate; there are plenty of things to be smeared as ‘negative’. The pains and downsides, the hardships and pitfalls are found in the same place as the benefits of hate. It is quite consistantly construed as positive, but with the supposed opposite having been established as a fallacy in which no emotion can be deemed negative in its entirety we can move beyond placing certain one’s – like love – on a pedestal through refering to it as ‘positive’ (and though it is not the focus here, hate can be elevated higher than the depths of those things we try to damn away from ourselves).

This is not some great and glorious revelation, but it is a revelation nonetheless, and one that benefits men and women of any path, even those of the light. To conclude, I’ll leave you with something to consider. What is the first line of the Jedi Code? There is no Emotion, there is only Peace. What is the prize sought by buddhists? The end of suffering, the end of feeling, ultimately nothingness; quite contrary to any outcomes to be had from emotion. Those that walk brighter paths than I, even they can see that emotions are of the dark.

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