XXV. Two Distinct Methods of Teaching and Guidance

A reflection! Do you see it? I wish to share past methods I have experienced and used, those I have abandoned, and what it has led me to utilize. Understanding through power? Let’s look at the two I have experienced in a profound and extended manner, and we shall see.

Lack of Format; Static: The absence of structure defines this approach. It is based on an assumption that the apprentice already has a strong foundation and knwoledge of how to destroy and create such foundations to be built upon in the present and the future. It is efficient, but only in cases that this assumption is correct, otherwise becoming ineffective. In using this method, the guide/mentor also assumes that the student already has some measure of experience, already attains such on his own; and is consequently oriented towards understanding {yes, through passion, strength, power, victory, etc.(i.e. through experience) otherwise there is nothing to understand}. It can be summarized as power through understanding.

Working within a Framework; Specific Intent: In contrast to such a non-specific method is the approach of understanding through power, in which the student is shown route’s to be taken, pathways to gain, to grow in internal power. Usually, this has similarities to the common layout of an academic course, though the material itself should call for action, application, learning by doing. As stated, a clear intent or direction is defined and present in the mind of the instructor.

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