XXII. On the Will

The will, your will, is something you should be aware of. If you walk a path that requires you to forge the way, you must be such as are able to will. I would suggest to you, my friend, that you strengthen your Will. You see, if you are not capable of commanding yourself, and of obeying your commands {i.e. self-discipline} how is it that you are going to work towards making your dreams and ambitions reality? What is the means by which you mean to evolve? And, beyond that, being weak of will leaves you opened to be dominated by the will of someone, anyone, stronger of will than yourself. So, let us explore the possible means of cultivating strength of will.

On the value – and pitfalls – of asceticism. You would do well to contemplate the purpose, on what you are trying to achieve. Otherwise you may find yourself trying to escape the world, attempting to escape from the will of others; if that is what you seek then ask yourself what right you have to calling yourself Sith. But alas, I am deviating from the line of thought I intend to share. Moderation – that is to say, moderate ascetics – may be desirable. But moderate seems to fall short of my meaning. Not moderation in the sense that you should take care not to deny yourself to much, but moderation based on the purpose you have decided to serve with ascetic practices, which can only be on the basis of your personal values and judgement; as well as your intended purpose.

Conflict also seems a viable route. Through such it cannot be denied that we grow. And it is not a matter of adaptation, not primarily. It is a matter of will to power, which would seem the origin – the cause – for conflict. Each and every living thing trying to expand, these wills invariably, inevitably, attempt to overcome one another. That is what we call conflict, or – if you prefer – life.

I could list a variety of different paths one might tread in strengthening the will, and it may well guide those few who care to cultivate it. For those who might relate, such would have the potential to inspire them. Yes, I could convey to you the value of gardening, or fighting, or writing. But I would much rather make an attempt at showing you how to draw rather than sell you a painting, so to speak.

Some people eat to much sweets, humor their anxiety, play to much video games, gamble, or spend to much time on the computer. I, for instance, smoke cigarettes, among other things. The commonality is indulgence. Find an indulgence of your own, and deny yourself. Your cravings for pleasure will rebel, but it comes down to strength of will. You will fail, get over it. When you fall, pick yourself back up. A Sith ought to be ruthless in his endeavors, and this is no exception.

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