XX. On Lordship

Every man has the potential to be a god, or so it is my belief. You see, I am an atheist by christian terms, the only god I know and serve is myself; the only person to forge my destiny is me, not some supreme being that no one can prove exists. But I digress, my lack of faith is not the intended subject of my thoughts for this discussion.

I can’t speak for you, so – as always – I will be giving only my thoughts and opinions.

Let us, for a moment, look to the mythology of the Greeks. They worshiped gods, immortal beings of great potency{i.e. power}. Unlike the Almighty God of monotheistic traditions, these gods were numerous, diverse in their accumulated power and specific duties. They were also attributed with very human qualities and existed in a hierarchy, with one king ruling with supreme authority over the other gods by virtue of his strength, power, and cunning. Now consider that godhood – or lordship, if you will – is a state that humans can reach{i.e. person with god like qualities, rather than a personified god}. Apotheosis, “apo= to become, theos= god”, is something that has been sought throughout the ages, and it is not unattainable. There are a number of paths that lead to this destination, one of which is that of the Sith.

The transformation sought in many paths is, or would seem to be Apotheosis, and has been called countless names throughout the ages. The Way of the Sith is very eclectic in principles, values, ethics, etc. and, while becoming extremely unique for each individual as he progresses as a practitioner of our ways, does tend to draw upon and adapt anything and everything that catches the interest of a Sith, taking what is useful and discarding what is not.

Now, veering back towards the subject of discussion, I would recommend that Lordship not be claimed lightly or hastily. It is a title that should hold great importance, or not be used at all. And for those who proclaim themselves Lords of the Sith, let it be known that becoming a god in some respect does not mean your highest peak or potential has been reached. Gaining enlightenment is not a one time thing, there are many, many, many times of revelation, satori, clarity, or enlightenment in the life of a conscious being.

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