XVIII. My Thoughts on the Code of Darth Atlas

The Goal is Power.
Power through Wisdom.
Wisdom through Knowledge.
Knowledge through Experience.
Experience through Conflict.
Conflict through the Dark Side.

The Dark Side is the begining, it is where Sith start on their path to power, this code seems to be a step by step summary of how a person can gain power just as the Sith code seems to be a step by step summary of how we gain freedom and work towards perfection…

The Goal is Power.
We are Sith, we seek power, power is the key to being free, and freedom is necessary to our attempts at reaching our full potential. The more power we gain, the more capable we are to of reaching our own goals.

Power through Wisdom,
Wisdom is something that we also seek, and it can lead to power. Becoming wise is a form of power in itself, if you are wise, you already have an advantage over most people…you are capable of knowing things others may lack the intelligence to comprehend or figure out. What this means is that you migt have more power than most others are likely to have, but to gain wisdom….

Wisdom through Knowledge,
…you must first gain knowledge and learn to apply it properly. If you know how to use knowledge, you are potentially wise. If you can’t apply what you learn, then what you have learned is useless, little more than an assortment of fun facts.

Knowledge through Experience,
But you can only gain knowledge through experience, including the knowledge to apply knowledge so that you may become wise. As is hopefully evident at this point of my interpretations, Darth Atlas’ personal code is quite straightforward, each line being extremely relevant {dependent?} to the next.

Experience through Conflict,
Conflict is a means to obtain experience. There is always conflict, so there is always a way to gain experience, but only if you are willing to endure such conflict, only if you are willing to bear the weight of your experiences.

Conflict through the Dark Side.
And it all starts with the Dark Side, so because we are Sith, we have, theoratically, already placed ourselves upon the path to power. However, I believe the key to using this code for a beneficial outcome is having the ability to learn, which is not something many people seem capable of doing.

These are my personal interpretations of Darth Atlas’s personal Sith Code.

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  1. I have just started on my path to the dark side it’s been calling to me my whole life and the strength and passion of the dark side makes me feel very powerful do you have any advice on my journey?

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