XVII. My Thoughts on the Jedi Code

The Jedi Code is viewed by many to be in direct contradiction to the Sith Code, and in a few ways it is, but there are also ways in which they coincide. The thing to be kept in mind when examining/studying codes is this: no code should be strictly adhered to, to do so is simply to place another chain upon yourself. I think that the value of a code is in an individuals interpretations of it, and it can be very interesting, as well as beneficial, to see what you interpretations are when they are guided along a particular line of thought. For this reason, I offer my interpretations of the Jedi Code.

There is no Emotion; there is Peace
There is no Ignorance; there is Knowledge
There is no Passion, there is Serenity
There is no Chaos; there is Harmony
There is no Death; there is the Force

There is no Emotion; there is Peace
The majority of Jedi believe that the chaotic emotions of a human have no place in a state of Peace. The emotions are still there, and Jedi wise enough to acknowledge this are growing in numbers. Emotion is always there, but the Jedi choose not to factor it into their actions or use it for fuel or motivation. When the Force Traditions were still being developed as Realist lifestyles, many Jedi believed that their emotions should be suppresed or ignored. Over the years, they have progressed, learned, and refined their path. They listen to, feel and acknowledge their emotions now, but do not allow their decisions to be influenced. However, in this respect the Jedi and the Sith have evolved in a similar fashion, with only subtle differences. I, as a Sith, feel my emotions and acknowledge them, but I also factor them into my decisions, ask myself why I’m feeling whatever I might be feeling, and decide whether or not it will serve as fuel for my current activities or be cultivated and strengthened for later use. This may seem dangerous or reckless to some, but that is why control and discipline are crucial factors in any aspect of training as a Sith.

There is no Ignorance; there is Knowledge
Ignorance is bliss, but neither Sith nor Jedi seek bliss, they seek understanding, knowledge, comprehension, and these things all bring about pain, burden, and hardship. The Jedi seek to overcome these difficulties through the strength of love and compassion, and I, as a Sith Practitioner, do my best to embrace and understand the pains themselves. Ignorance also seems to breed difficulties, especially for those on a spiritual path. Knowledge itself can be considered power, in a sense, but like all other forms of power, it is useless if not acquired and properly applied. All in all, knowledge rather than ignorance is prefered among most, even those that are particularly ignorant.

There is no Passion, there is Serenity
Some consider passion and emotion to be synonymous, but from my viewpoint, passion and emotion are not so inseperable as far as terminology. Passion not synonymous with emotion can be described as a strong attachment or love for something such as reading, writing, physical fitness, and some are even passionate in their endeavor to embody the Sith or Jedi Way. I passionately pursue such embodiement of the spiritual path of Sith Realism, but it would seem contradictory to the Jedi path to pursue living as a Jedi passionately. This line states that in place of such passion is serenity, a disposition free from stress, but if a Jedi tries to obtain a state of mind without such things as stress, then how will he function when stress does occur? The way I see it is easy to say, but difficult to integrate into living everyday life: If my physical body can function when and if it is in great pain, if my mind can function under extreme stress and pressure, and if “I” can function even in great emotional pain, then, in theory, I can function far more efficiently when there is no burden to bear in body, mind, or spirit. So, in all honesty my ideals of serenity are not at all consisitent with the Jedi Code. In my eyes, serenity has a large potential for weakening those who pursue it.

There is no Chaos; there is Harmony
In a way, there is always the harmony of connection within the Force, every living creature is connected. However, it can also be said that there is always chaos, and through it we gain experience and strength. Chaos is an underlying part of living, without it we would not experience stress, unpredictable situations, or conflict(neither unproductive nor productive). Adaptability is also evidence of chaos, because without chaos there would be no need to adapt. Chaos and harmony may also be seen as polar opposites, and from what I know of duality, an absolute cannot exist without its opposite. Here, we run into the problem of reverting back to the use of dualistic terminology, which is something you may want to keep in mind.

There is no Death; there is the Force
True death doesn’t really occur, in my opinion; not in the sense of becoming nothingness anyways. I think this is where the Personal Force(Sub-Aspect) largely comes into play within the Jedi Code, our personal energy that is anchored to the physical body is imprinted with the identity. When its anchor, the physical body, fails, the personal energy disperses throughout the rest of the Force, causing the loss of identity, but causing a Unity with the Force as well. That’s my current ideal on the matter of death, but I may be wrong.

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