XVI. My Thoughts on the Sith Code

The Sith Code of fiction is, in a way, a set of guidelines that can lead to (near) perfection. Not only can it be applied to long-term matters, it can also be applied to any situation we may come across. However, it is a work of fiction, not a code many strictly adhere to. I still find it to be useful though useful though…

Peace is a lie; there is only Passion
Through Passion; I gain Strength
Through Strength; I gain Power
Through Power; I gain Victory
Through Victory; my Chains are broken
The Force shall free me.

This code could be interpreted any number of ways, all of them useful. It can indeed be applied to any situation a human may come across. It is useful, yet we are not bound to it. That is the nature of all tools and assets, they are useful, but we don’t depend on them; dependence external and internal tools is just another chain we sometimes place on ourselves.

Peace is a Lie, there is only Passion
Just as is bluntly stated here, peace is a lie, an illusion, a concept conjured by the compassionate through a thought process known as wishful thinking. Under the illusion of peace, passion can be found. During a period of peace, passion is always rustling about, just under the surface. And when passion arises, the comforting notion of peace is torn away. Passion is always there, and just like the darkness in the shadows of the light, it will never leave. While I adhere to no code, I seem to wholeheartedly agree with the points made in the Sith Code, as will become more evident in my interpretations.

Through Passion, I gain Strength
Passion, as I understand it, is a part of us, eternally ingrained into each and every person. I think that the word passion, when used in the Sith Code, is meant to encompass passion itself, along with the entire spectrum of emotions; from anger to happiness, from hate to love. The emotions can be suppressed, ignored, or…examined in an effort to better control them, the end goal being to be capable of bending them to my will, and making them tools for reaching my goals(yes, it sounds rather cliche, and perhaps it is, but it is also logical in my mind). In gaining control, my strength will, theoratically, be augmented to a further degree.

Through Strength, I gain Power
In strengthening aspects of myself, more possibilities become available for me. Regardless of what a person can come across, be it a situation, object, trait, or otherwise, having more strength than it means you have power over it. The problem with Sith is that while power is necassary and sought after, it also has great potential to corrupt. My personal solution, for now, is to be as brutally honest with myself as possible, and painfully mindful of everything I choose to do; this method of analysis is by no means full proof, but it acts as an aid to help me know myself, my limits, and my weaknesses. Power can be viewed as a means to an end, which I find to be true…if I have a specific goal in mind, more power means that my goal is not as difficult to attain; from another viewpoint, power can be seen to be a purpose and goal in and of itself…in my opinion, this is also true, gaining power can be a goal, and having power might be its own purpose..power for the sake of power; that in itself is a victory

Through Power, I gain Victory
In gaining power and applying it properly as well as intelligently, I can gain victory in any situation. Some situations may not seem as if they are to be won or lost, but if there is a possibility of gaining something then a victory is possible. Power comes in many different forms, all of which are applicable, but only if I know what kind of power might better suit my situation. In obtaining victory, I gain more power. This is a beneficial paradox, as the cycle continues. Defeat is only defeat if I don’t learn, because learning also benefits me, and seen from this perspective I can’t ever truly be defeated unless I choose ignorance over knowledge.

Through Victory, my Chains are broken
Due to the round-about cycle of power and victory, I will theoratically brake the chains that shackle me, one by one. There are obvious chains, such as society, equality, lack of productive conflict, etc.; and there are subtle chains such as self-doubt, self-esteem, uncontrolled emotions, overfed pride, etc. As a Sith, I believe that part of what it means to be a Sith is to continually break these chains. I feel the need to find my limits and go beyond them. This all leads to the end goal of most Sith. Victory is absolutely dependent on the will power of the individual, it all hinges on choice.

The Force shall free me
Freedom and near perfection is my main goal in life. Over time, learning about and controlling my passions, then gaining strength from the passion and, in turn, gaining power through use of my strength, I will gain the ultimate victory. The whole of Sith Philosophy revolves around this, and as such I regard it as the highest priority for a Sith. It is all I strive for, all I suffer for, all I live for, and all I will die for.

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  1. two should there be, no more no less………………..

  2. passion mean to suffer or suffering

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