XV. On Embracing Darkness

Turning to the dark can be gradual or sudden, absolute or temporary, and how it happens is truly indescribable because it is different for everyone.

I turned to the darkness because I was sick of being kind and caring when no one cared about me. I was compassionate and helpful when I was a kid and when I was a Jedi, and because of this, I was often taken advantage of(most notibly by my peers). My self conversion was gradual, when I finally decided to commit myself to the Sith Ways I had completely converted to the path of I now walk.

The fictional tales of Star Wars offer examples that are worth taking note of, though they tend to be more dramatic than the stories of real Sith. Anakin Skywalker, Jedi Knight…his life was a tragedy until he became Darth Vader, Sith Lord, and even then it was tragic; he could never reach his full potential because of the severe injuries given to him by his former Master. Darth Revan turned to the Dark Side to protect the Galaxy. And like Revan, Jacen Solo became Darth Caedus, a Lord of the Sith, to save the Galaxy from itself. Darth Bane took up Sith Training because he was able to acknowledge that in the end, you have only yourself. Darth Krayt was yet another who became a Sith Lord so he could save the Galaxy from destroying itself.

Turning a person to the Dark Side is difficult, it requires a great mastery of manipulation as well as a deep understanding of how people think; manipulation is very consequential in matters of this nature, a person will not be forcefully turned one way or the other, it is a matter of making someone choose the path you desire them to walk. Very few have the wisdom and self-confidence to do this, it has only been done successfully by the most cunning. I question the point of converting people to the Sith Way, personally, but it is an interesting line of thought to contemplate.

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