XIX. A Meditation of Attunement to Darkness

The following is a personal meditation technique I sometimes utilize for attuning myself to the Darkness as I view it to be from my perspective. It is relatively simple, and quite short. I prefer not to have a set time for any methods I use, though I tend to meditate for at least half an hour, regardless of what technique I am putting to use.

Turn the lights off in the room you would like to meditate in, relax and keep your spine straight(it isn’t cheating if you’d like to lean against a wall or sit in a chair). Breath deeply and slowly, empty your mind and imagine the Darkness as a kind of smoke/fog all around you. Now imagine it being absorbed by you, becoming a part of your very soul. Then take your imagination a step further and try to feel the Darkness and you merging. At this stage, simply “bath” in this darkness and allow yourself to think. You can guide your thoughts or let them come up and examine them. Do this for as long as you like. Don’t feel rushed to end the meditation, but at the same time do not feel like you’ve got to do this for hours as such a notion is likely to overwhelm you.

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