The Dark Paths do not make moralistic calls on whether or not an action is right or wrong, but will state that an action can cause more liabilities than benefits if not properly considered. The key is thinking through one’s actions and taking complete responsibility for them regardless of what happens.

You are in control of what happens, therefore you must act accordingly.

– Bandraoi

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  1. Your lessons are flawed, Spreading your gospel too all whom are willing to read it. Then uniting the weak to the common cause.

    You are doing more damage to yourself than you realise.
    Instead of helping others with this weak pathetic website, hone your skills, seek knowledge for yourself and yourself alone. then one day our paths may cross and you will be ready.

    True power will come to you then it will be taken away by a group more the weaker, like this so called order of the sith and its followers like seti.

    hence the rule of two…….. my path bought me to this website for a reason, lets see if its a worthy reason.

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