The Path of Darkness

Your hand now holds the wisdom of the ages, the map to the gateway of the Universe. It is small in size but large in wisdom and knowledge. It is intended to be simple, but do not hold it in contempt as all great wisdom is simple. Yes, it is intended to be simple, for the Rock of Stupidity is large! Those who listen and try to understand will grow in strength and stature and eventually find their way to their own “Safe Harbor” and ultimate spiritual fulfillment. Those who scoff will continue on as a frog trying to climb up the wall of a slick-sided well, laboring all day trying to gain a few feet only to slide back down each night only to find themselves in the same dreary situation in the morning. However, there is help if the seeker will but listen for the Gnosis and remember their revelations. This then is the book of the Dark. When seekers learn the Gnosis, they will belong, be successful and know fulfillment. Their limitations vanish, and they are free to grow in stature.

They will also prosper and live in harmony with one another in a land of plenty. You see, there is more to all this than meets the eye, and the ignorant man is much less than his ancestors who once had the Gnosis because he has forgotten many of the great truths and principles apportioned to the race of men when its days were short. Yes, man has been deceived and cheated by the purveyors of mysticism and deceit. Today, ignorant man lives in the Realm of Choices and confusion, but instead of choosing to seek the Power of the Force for himself, he has instead traveled the hot, dusty road that ends in failure, deceit and submission to mysticism. He has let the profane mystics talk him out of his inheritance. Because of this, ignorant man has been mistakenly battling against something within himself which he doesn’t understand, and the harder he fights, the more his situation deteriorates. The reason and answer to this dilemma is that ignorant man, at least in this physical world is incomplete, as the guidance and benefits of the Force is purposely withheld from him until the realization of his adverse condition becomes eminent and the Gnosis is asked for and seriously desired by the person who then separates from the herd in the eyes of the mighty. Yes, when a person realizes that they have been lied to and deceived and has the fortitude to stand up, shake their fist at the sky and demand their inheritance returned, they get it and become one of stature among their peers.

Yes, not until a person realizes their untenable situation and reaches out to the Force will the process of redemption and reawakening begin. This world is an arena of testing and trial where masters are separated from slaves. The subjective are culled from the objective and the weak removed from among the strong. This world is no prize. That is why it is said that, “The meek shall inherit the Earth.” This planet is the consolation prize for losers who can never raise their sights.

Yes, part of man lives in the physical world of earth and sky, but the rest of him lives in the Realm of the Astral, beyond the veil which separates him from his self of power and those who have gone on before to reign in majesty with the force, as a warrior or forever grovel in submission to one of power who has the knowing. Whenever a person forgets their spiritual ties with that other realm, they lose contact with the Force which sustains them and they become weak and lost, seeking a master who will guide them. Whenever the Gnosis of the Force is lost or unknown, man is doomed to servility, no matter how hard he tries to convince himself otherwise. The incomplete and ignorant can never rise to full stature and must sit at the feet of one who has become, hoping for the enlightenment that will never come because they have never asked. Your chance to grow in stature is here and now if you so desire it. This is not about loss, fear and shame. This is about rising from the depths to the heights. This is the path to The Knowing!

This is a gift to mankind by the many brothers and sisters who have left their legacy behind for the benefit of all who would come after them. Knowing that man must eventually seek the Force, they have left us the answers to the basis of the combined forces, known but as yet unexplained by the great academic minds. This is about that Force, the All, man, and those who have been sent to help him find his way by achieving The Knowing. Their directive is to bridge the veil of mists and carry the Keys of spiritual freedom to mankind. Their purpose is to aid and assist all men and women who freely ask to travel the Dark Path to fulfillment. However, one who wishes to learn must ask. As the pages turn, the voices of many past adepts will speak their parts, revealing the right way to look at personal interaction with the forces that be and to form a suitable defense against the opposition who would limit and ensnare the unwary. They will also present the keys of wisdom and knowledge that will unlock the mysteries of the ages and open the doors to the future aeons. But, this is only half the story, You see, the true scope of this is only to show the way to the bridge; the seeker must then cross it. Your personal gnosis will bring all into focus when the time is right for you to know or have the knowing.

-Paimon/Darth Taranis/Darth Wraith

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The Dark Paths do not make moralistic calls on whether or not an action is right or wrong, but will state that an action can cause more liabilities than benefits if not properly considered. The key is thinking through one’s actions and taking complete responsibility for them regardless of what happens.

You are in control of what happens, therefore you must act accordingly.

– Bandraoi

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Holocron of Darth Atlas

Darth Atlas, that is the name I have taken for myself as a Sith Lord. Yes I am a Sith, I have chosen to be Sith and my choices have made me what I am today.The greatest tool in a humans arsenal is that of choice. I am a Sith and yet I remain a devout Christian. This is easily done although you may not see it at first. As a Christian, I love God, and as a Sith I love myself. I seek to serve myself as a Sith Lord but loving and serving God does both of these for me. I love God and would do anything that he called upon me to do, so to simply carry out his will I serve that which I love therefor I serve myself. It’s a little tough to understand but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense.By serving that which I love I gain the warmth of knowing that my service is to something Divine and Holy.

This is possible even for somebody who calls himself a Sith, let’s say you have somebody in need of help yet helping them will not give you anything. As a Sith and a Christian I would help him. Why? Because by helping him I protect that which God took time to create and therefor I serve God in my actions. So you see, being a Sith doesn’t mean being evil or cruel.

Earlier I mentioned choice. I believe in the divine power of choice that God granted all of us. I chose to be what and who I am. The Dark Side didn’t choose me I chose it. I chose it because I seek to dive into the unknown, to find that hidden strength and power of emotion and will. There are hidden powers in the Dark Aspect and I seek to reveal them and conquer them. That is why I have chosen the Dark Side of the Force as my guide.

But what of the other Archetypes of the Dark Side? What of the Krath and the Jensari? I believe that these are all just different parts of one entity that is Sith. The means may be different but in the end the goals remain the same, in the beggining the servants of the Dark Side were Sith and it will end that way to. Krath and Jensari may be different in means and philosophy, but they are still servants of the Dark Side, so they are still part of the original Sith. A Sith does not have to revel in hate and anger, I myself also take part in the feelings of Love and Joy, as does every other human being, dark student or not. But the dark aspects members all remain a part of the original Sith, if not specifically the Archetype of the Dark Aspect called Sith.

Your emotions are the keys to your life and destiny. Intense feelings can help you see better and feel better than you ever have before. A basic feeling is Pain. Pain is a key to unlocking yourself. I use pain sometimes to look deeper into myself by the use of a meditation style. I sit down and get comfortable, then I begin to think. I think about events and actions that have pained me. I revive the terrible feelings that I felt during those moments and enlarge them. completely giving in to the pain and misery that it caused me. Then I take a step back and observe, I think about why these events and actions have pained me, what about me allows these things to hurt me. I shuffle through these thoughts until I find the answers, seeing why I am pained, I accept these reasons as weaknesses and show myself that my own weakness must be blocked off if I am ever to become more protected from Pain.

The Pain I feel is a sacrifice to God, he has allowed me to feel this way and it is a gift I should be grateful for. While I am grateful to Him, I accept that some pains are tests of my strength and will and I serve him by destroying these weaknesses in myself. Making myself a better Servant of God, and a better Sith.


The Dark Side is a fog, a very dense fog where you cannot see where you are going once you enter it. It takes a strong will to enter the fog and even more to continue down the path. If you reach out and you are strong enough you will eventually grab something, the fog is full of rewards, but it only grants its greatest rewards to those strong enough to take them.There are many paths in the fog, and one path is made just for you, nobody’s path is the same, for we are each free to choose it for ourselves. As Sith, we are completely free, we have no restrictions besides those that we set upon ourselves, but restrictions are weights, and with them chained to you, you will never know what the Dark Side really is to you.

The further into the fog you go, the denser and hotter it gets, at this point some are afraid to go on, and thus are the weaker Sith denied, the stronger Sith keep going and learn the more powerful truths of the Dark Side, these are the Sith Lords, masters of themselves and their knowledge.

But even with the title of Sith Lord the fog still holds many secrets, and thus is the learning everlasting. There is always something more that the fog can teach you, it is foolish to believe that you know every secret of the fog. Thus it is wise to take on several teachers over time so that you have a wider range of knowledge of the Dark Side.

The fog is infinite, and it always has something to teach. To learn its secrets a Sith must never stop walking, you must never hesitate or regret. If you do, the fog will consume you and you will be lost. Keep on walking, choose your own path and walk it without fear, and the fog will lead you to its greatest knowledge and secrets.


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The Relevance of Emotions to a Sith

Yes, we use and encourage the use of emotions, but we are calm and patient, traits often only related to Jedi. However, the truth is that calmness and patience are held in high regard by Sith and are often used with emotion to maintain the control I so often speak of. Control in itself is also an important factor that should noticeably stand out, for it requires great self-discipline on our part.Emotions are our keys to darkness, without them, I would more than hesitate to call myself Sith. Anger: focus, strength, courage. Fear: caution, paranioa, logic. Hatred: Determination, relentlesness, strength of will. Those are only a few examples of emotions and their benefits.Discipline is part of a Siths life. There are three main aspects of discipline: mental, physical, and spiritual(spiritual includes the Force). Without these disciplines, which I consider the pillars of Sith strength, we could not gain power and there is little reason for existence without power.

-Darth Draconis

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Power, Arrogance, and Corruption

Power, Arrogance, and CorruptionSith seek power for powers sake, we are drawn to it(speaking for myself, mostly). Power, if we aren’t cautious and mindful can lead to over-confidence and arrogance. What is so great about power? Well, for starters, if you have a goal you desperately need to reach, the more powerful you are, the easier it will be to obtain your objective, and to gain power, you must first gain strength, and for that, passion is needed(this will soon be explained in my holocron). Like the Dark side Logic lecture in the Great Jedi Holocron, one thing leading to another is not definate, but in this case, it is the likely series of what will happen.

If you powerful, and have been for a time you may become arrogant in the belief of you own invincibility, this over-confidence can destroy the power that you’ve worked so hard to control. If control is lost over you power, you can diminish yourself in every aspect, along with all those close to you. Knowing you can’t lose is one thing, but relying on such a fact can quickly mutate it into opinion. You must work for victory, it doesn’t just happen.

Destruction can be avoided, but if arrogance is not avoided as well, being crushed by your own power may be the better choice. Corruption shows and if you become corrupt, I doubt you’ll see it that way. Corruptionn is part of what makes a tyrant what he is.

Be aware that all you do, every small action you take, every decision you make, has echoes; cause and effect, for every action, there is a result, be it consequence or reward. If you set in motion events that will benefit you and can be manipulated to your advantage, do so. There are uses and harms of these echoes and if you can learn to use the reverberations I speak of, the possibilities are limiteless.

-Darth Draconis

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Sith are superior. I feel arrogant just writing such words, but it’s true. Think about it, why are we Sith? Because we want knowledge, we seek wisdom and enlightenment, we ARE spiritually superior. We want physical strength and health, in this, we are superior. We desire knowledge for intelligence and intellect, in this, we are superior. We seek to improve these and many more aspects of ourselves because we are superior. The average human is content to sit and watch T.V., rotting away or becoming the mask they’ve created for their aquaintances to see, but Sith have depth to their personality, Sith understand, comprehend, emotions, and the way another persons mind works. We are complex while average people are simple, easy to grasp/understand/comprehend, and boring. Power is the result of what we, as Sith, seek, and power is a necessity at minimum or a luxury at best. Sith should not seek dominance of others, at least not when they begin to walk the Dark path, this form of power, as I’ve said before, is very unstable and unreliable.Many Sith, including myself, are very negative, but negativity, as I’ve also said before, can have either a positive or negative outcome. The situations we come across in life can be dismantled, examined, and the outcome calculated accordingly. Echos within the Force are what I speak of and Sith should at least attempt to master such a thing as it is a powerful tool.

When should passion be used? That is really for each individual to decide, but an example can be helpful. As I’ve learned, many Sith act on impulse/intuition, they seem to live by the Living Force; this has become true for myself as well. What would a Sith do should a “rival” throw, say a small object at the said Sith? I would certainly become angry, but a key to using emotion is to calmly embrace them; for this situation, the mentioned method would help most. You must have the power of anger to back your conviction, but must also remain calm and in control. This is necessary if you wish to retain clear an proper thinking. This technique also helps to shatter an opponents confidence should you maintain a calm demeanor in which case the persons fear can be easily stimulated. Say as little as needed to warn that words don’t matter as much as action. The enemy will be forced to leave or act at this point. Should he/she choose to act, you will have the aid of anger as a controlled tool, your adversary will have little chance of defeating you with such odds. It is vital that, should anyone attempt to provoke you, you have, at minimum, a calm exterior. Power is a useful asset to anyone, but Sith thrive on it. If you gain power, are goals not easier to obtain, is your reputation not often improved upon? And to gain power, we must further ourselves in various ways which all results in a positive for Sith.

-Darth Draconis

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